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The Smart Way To Go

These are not my words, but I would like to pass on received wisdom:

Even if the Local Board has the right to make this decision to give Faye Storer the Chairmanship, it doesn’t make it the right decision.
The Local Government Act (s14-16) is very explicit on the obligations of councils and boards to take on board the community’s views.
Due to the recent general local body election (with a 65% participation rate – one of the highest in the country)  the community’s view couldn’t be more clear.
Denise to lead – with a more conservative group of board members as a check and balance.

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  1. Anna Pashby says

    Hear hear….This all needs to be pointed out not just to Faye-Jo & Jim-Don too but Mike Lee and Anna Bray etc etc…get emailing people! I have!

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